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About Armadillo.

Armadillo Safety Products was started by AMP Quality Energy Services from the realization that many prominent brands in the safety industry are part of larger conglomerates, often unable to prioritize the specific needs of their customers. Our journey began when the AMP PPE Testing Lab noticed that customers were experiencing significant challenges with major PPE manufacturers—struggling to meet demand volume, availability, and responsiveness. Consequently, prices soared, leaving customers with limited options: endure steep costs and lengthy wait times or resort to the used market for quicker, albeit riskier, alternatives.

Recognizing the urgency for change, we stepped in. Armadillo Safety Products was born out of a commitment to deliver large volumes, unmatched availability, and top-notch customer service—all at an accessible price point. We refuse to compromise on safety, offering a solution where our customers no longer have to make sacrifices. Along the way, we've developed exceptional products that we're excited to share with you.

Why "Armadillo?"

Our leadership team began brainstorming names and logo ideas but agreed that the initial suggestions were too boring and generic. The ideas continued to stall and were followed by periods of silence. Out of nowhere, our owner, seeming uncharacteristically nervous, spoke up and said, “Hear me out... Armadillo!” After some laughs and a night's rest, the name just stuck. We quickly designed our logo and moved forward. As time passed, we began to realize that the name was a perfect fit for our products and aligned well with our mission.

Just as an armadillo's tough exterior protects it from harm in its environment, Armadillo Safety Products protect our customers from hazards in the field every day. Likewise, an armadillo adapts to its surroundings, just as our products adapt to the changing needs of our customers, providing innovative solutions that prioritize safety above all else.

  • products are ASTM compliant

  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility

  • PRODUCTS ARE IEC Certified


To further the gospel while sustaining exceptional employment, and to provide quality products and customer service to make the workplace safer.